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Premonitions of a Lousy weekend…:-L

Posted by Arijit on October 31, 2006

Somehow i knew things would go wrong.. Just had a gut feeling.It started with the knowledge that i’ve to come to office on a Sat.Got duly confirmed when i was told on Friday that i’ll have a long day in office! ūüė¶ As it eventually turned out, i finished the entire¬†day at office and¬† returned home at 12:30A.m. Thus, started the lousy weekend!

¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†Got up at 7:45,¬†Saturday Morning.Was supposed to be at office¬†by 8:30. Totally forgot that the first bus is at 9:30. Damn!!..:@) <feeling like a pig> Hurriedly got up.Thought of mouthing some chosen adjectives, but then Pangs wasn’t there to appreciate ! And the other two were snoring away in dreamland, least bothered about my grumbling mood. Somehow it only helped in perfecting the scowl on my face! ūüė°. I dragged myself to the BTM junction to get one of those BMTC buses which go to ECity direct.No Luck! Shouldn’t have even tried in hindsight.The signs were all there thrust in front of my face, but i still couldn’t recognize them… Anyhow i finally made it there by 9. The rest of¬†day was spent cribbing further as i found all the other buggers away at home sitting online and having a good time.Well, at least they were telling me they’re having a good time.. ;)Maybe they were having as lousy a day as me and couldn’t accept that. I hope so. ūüėÄ .

¬†Anoop was in B’lore and gave me a call. I passed on the¬†news. That was the first. Then repeated the same tale to Harsh(tried calling me over GTalk but couldn’t hear anything.. grrr…..) ,Arjun, Sujit, Leanne ( in a cyber cafe in B’lore¬†on Sat¬†morning!!!) and Limy. I think i had got that memorized at the end of it¬†, and just so that it doesn’t sound that way to myself ( ūüôā ! ), kept adding masala to the story.And so it went till i got bored of parroting my state of affairs for the day. That was the end of the LOSER’s Saturday.

Now, to cut the story short and spare you further boredom :Sunday was no better. Was waiting to watch the match after finishing some work and that too India lost. so much so for the “Favourites“. Crap!¬†Anyhoo,am sure a lot of you¬† have survived/would survive¬†through a similar ordeal. something to cheer me up with. ¬†ūüėČ ¬†ūüėÄ


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Where is my paper!!… A la wherz my Sambhar. :D

Posted by Arijit on October 27, 2006

The newspaper guy is absent for past 3 days! And its making me grumble…. ūüė¶ .¬†I suppose it has something to do with the fact that in school,¬†our (refers only¬†to¬†my fellow souls in the Ashram)¬†only major contact with the outside world was through the daily newspapers that were delivered at 7:30 in the morning.And we used to rush out fighting for it before we were forced to get ready for the classes.There was a TV kept in the hostels, but it was switched on only on Sundays and that too, to watch one of the numerous mythological rip-offs that were part of the Sunday morning routine in the average Indian household.It thus pushed me to spend hours poring over every line in the daily newspaper 2 times over.. :D! In course of time the habit developed, so much so that even on my Board exam days, i spent not less than 1.5¬†hours going through it – ¬†the duration made shorter because of the sole fact that it was near about the¬†timespan¬†after which my Mom’s patience snapped… :D! And i was literally afraid that she would ask the delivery boy to buzz off. Of Course, since then i’ve had other options in the numerous TV news channels and the web but they have become repetitive and their daily “Scoops” and “Exclusives” are no better than the daily soaps which air 5 days a week with no progress and drive me to utter boredom in very short time. They have begun to put more emphasis on sensationalism than on the content and therein lies¬†my major grudge.So, the fact remains that i love to get my hands on the printed edition every evening when i return home.¬†I intend to make the newspaper boy appreciate that.. :D!!

I think i have the phone number of the agency.Will make a call today evening.

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Whats in the title!

Posted by Arijit on October 26, 2006

Well, the term “Gyaan Paapi” is ¬†basically¬†a slang used majorly among the Bongs.Meant for a sinner who¬†dares to preach¬†the others¬†around! :D!

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Paapiyon ko phir mera Salaam!

Posted by Arijit on October 26, 2006

The first time i said¬†Hi to¬†blogspace was way back last year around the same time(2005 Nov to be precise when outta curiosity at what Pangs spent such a hell lotta time rambling upon, i created my own space!!)¬†¬†Since then, i¬† have sinned for another whole year and finally thought i should¬†pay a visit to¬†all¬†¬†ya fellow¬†sinners a tad more regularly – rather than making the yearly appearance :D! So now that the festive season has ended again and i’ve¬†gone through the annual¬†ritual of asking¬†pardon for my doings, i guess i should¬†be a bit more proactive in connecting to all the fellow “Dawgs” ( not my nomenclature btw!)¬† and there are quite a few of them loafing around in Bloggers’ attire!!

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