Gyaan Paapi….

connecting with fellow sinners! :D!

Paapiyon ko phir mera Salaam!

Posted by Arijit on October 26, 2006

The first time i said Hi to blogspace was way back last year around the same time(2005 Nov to be precise when outta curiosity at what Pangs spent such a hell lotta time rambling upon, i created my own space!!)  Since then, i  have sinned for another whole year and finally thought i should pay a visit to all  ya fellow sinners a tad more regularly – rather than making the yearly appearance :D! So now that the festive season has ended again and i’ve gone through the annual ritual of asking pardon for my doings, i guess i should be a bit more proactive in connecting to all the fellow “Dawgs” ( not my nomenclature btw!)  and there are quite a few of them loafing around in Bloggers’ attire!!


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