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Where is my paper!!… A la wherz my Sambhar. :D

Posted by Arijit on October 27, 2006

The newspaper guy is absent for past 3 days! And its making me grumble…. 😦 . I suppose it has something to do with the fact that in school, our (refers only to my fellow souls in the Ashram) only major contact with the outside world was through the daily newspapers that were delivered at 7:30 in the morning.And we used to rush out fighting for it before we were forced to get ready for the classes.There was a TV kept in the hostels, but it was switched on only on Sundays and that too, to watch one of the numerous mythological rip-offs that were part of the Sunday morning routine in the average Indian household.It thus pushed me to spend hours poring over every line in the daily newspaper 2 times over.. :D! In course of time the habit developed, so much so that even on my Board exam days, i spent not less than 1.5 hours going through it –  the duration made shorter because of the sole fact that it was near about the timespan after which my Mom’s patience snapped… :D! And i was literally afraid that she would ask the delivery boy to buzz off. Of Course, since then i’ve had other options in the numerous TV news channels and the web but they have become repetitive and their daily “Scoops” and “Exclusives” are no better than the daily soaps which air 5 days a week with no progress and drive me to utter boredom in very short time. They have begun to put more emphasis on sensationalism than on the content and therein lies my major grudge.So, the fact remains that i love to get my hands on the printed edition every evening when i return home. I intend to make the newspaper boy appreciate that.. :D!!

I think i have the phone number of the agency.Will make a call today evening.


22 Responses to “Where is my paper!!… A la wherz my Sambhar. :D”

  1. - sId - said

    adda paavi! et tu brutus!!! welcome aboard babumoshaai 😉 !

  2. Arijit said

    Muaahhhhaa!! how long can i be away :D! All lafadias snoop in unison… 😀

  3. Arijit said

    and the first comment on my blog comes from u buddy!! 🙂 keep ’em coming!

  4. Yo!! Welcome to the club! I like ur layout too! Nice! Hope the newspaper guy came by the time u view this comment

  5. Waaazzzaaa bro!! Damn, I wanted to be the first one to comment!! Wail!! But I am the first one to make a link to your blog :-)!!

    Btw – where’s your sambhar? :-P!! And what’s up with the paper dude?

    And a note to all: This guys devours the paper ok!! I mean I just go through Bangalore Times, and that too in the toilet!! But this guy, he actually sits in the Lotus position in the hall or in the bedroom and goes thru the paper end-end. Never picked up this good habit from him [Thank God]!!

    And apart from this a steady daily read of rediff news as well. This guy’s a news junkie ;-)!!

  6. Arijit said

    wazzzaaaa Dudes!! 🙂

    Update : i got the newspaper coming on time again.. and got the editions for 2 of the 3 days that guy bunked. he himself found out somewhere! :D!

    @Arjun : hey thanks dude! gonna i like the colour a lot.. looks gr8! and didnt have to search around too much too!

    @Pangs: hey Bro! i know..hehe.but u took ur time i guess and missed the bus :D! u always have the chance next time 😉

  7. Phani said

    Hey Arijit,
    I kinda share this trait of yours. But if Pangu’s words are anything to go by I am no where near. I prefer Hindu for the reason that TOI is more of sleaze than news.

  8. Arijit said

    hey Phani 🙂
    I am sure i’m not that obsessed with the newspaper as Pangu makes it sound 😀 hehe but yeah, i needto have it daily 😉 Well, TOI is definitely more of the tabloid type while comparing with Hindu. In fact,Hindu was the one i read for the last 4 years before coming to B’lore. But it was kind of a concensus among the roommates to go for TOI 🙂

  9. prestidigitator said

    um…Isn’t it just easier to watch the news on TV? They’re always on time too…

  10. @ Phani: waazzzaaa dude!! How goes life? Well very simple, I prefer TOI for the more number of puzzles, cartoons and stuff to do [no pun unintentionally intended] :-D!!

    @ Papaji: What are u talking about – who u kidding bro? F***a u know u devour the god-damned paper. Anyday someone else keeps it, u know u get miffed 😛

    @ PS: Naah – news on TV, compared to writing?? Naaah!! Just doesn’t cut it ;-)! Or so ud think for Papaji but, newspaper [end-end] + news articles in Rediff + news on TV during WWE!! *sigh* what am I gonna do with Ari bro?? *sigh sigh sigh*

  11. Arijit said

    @PS: hey thr, 🙂 how ya doing! well, news on TV gets repetitive and prolonged and doesnt have the dame range as in the Print. It wud have been better if they had followed BBC News to some extent- Precise and has more content. So you dont get bored.

    @Pangs : 😀 i devour the paper, yes. But i’m not obsessed abt it. And 3rd, i never got pissed off wid ya sittin with the paper in the Loo for half an hour while in the phone at the same time :D. i dont get miffed so fast.Naah!

  12. Dude, how can ya get pissed off @ me? Me – ur bro, ur roomie, ur friend… :P!! Comon, i need the paper and the phone inside the loo, else u know what happens – I start singing :P!!

  13. Arijit said

    yeah, but after gettin done with the paper first time in thr, next time u start that anyways ;P

  14. Comon buddy – when ya gotta go, ya gotta go!! Mite as well entertain oneself whilst the self is there naa :-D!!

    Hehe comon most of my great sayings come outta sitting in there and pondering/thinking/wondering/singing/reading etc ;-)!!

  15. Arijit said

    i know i know.. :D!!hehe.. though its wierd!

  16. prestidigitator said

    @Arijit: Um…there are pretty anchors on TV! That’s reason enough for me. Besides…it’s more up to date isn’t it?

  17. Arijit said

    :D! Pretty Anchors. Oh yes!! though i dont really go to the News channels for that :D! And the way the news channels update news “Live” every 5 minutes detailing every single movement ends up boring me.. 🙂

  18. @ Bro: Actually that’s the _only_, single sole reason why I watch news channels started with Sonali Chander, then some cute girl in 24/7. Then another cute newsreader in Headlines Today -with this shining bobbed hair.. and the way her hair moved when she talked – *sigh sigh sigh* That had me floored and hooked on to Headlines Today for quite a few days actually!!

    @ PS: I so totally agree – cute girl news-anchors – DA BEST ever!!

  19. Arijit said

    ya i know!! At least i could kkeep the news channels for a while while u oogled at the females 😉 Not that i didnt ;D

  20. shashi said

    Hello Mr. Arijit….(another Bongs in blogshere..Ruhi must be happy)
    When I was in hostel we used to bring newspapers and to avoid quarrels, everyone used to bring seperate newspaper. So we could spend the whole day reading so many (different) papers….

  21. Arijit said

    hey Shashi 🙂
    (“Mr.” sounds too awkward with me).well, i was in hostel from 5th standard and it was an ashram. So, buying our own papers was absolutely out of the question..hehe.No option, u see ;). And yes, another Bong on the loose here. :D! will say hi to Ruhi too!
    i suppose you are mutual friends for quite some time?

  22. Interesting. I’ll have to throw down a bookmark and check back.


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