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Birthday pangs!

Posted by Arijit on November 8, 2006

Birthday celebrations have become painful.That is, for the person for whom the day is special.. 😀 I know! I have been party to the crime too.One of my buddies had the unpleasant experience of getting kicked royally on the day afterhis B’day! [Disclaimer:I wasn’t involved on that day ;P]. And to top that, even some people he never knew came along to get rid of their Itch. 🙂 Even i was on the receiving end not more than two weeks back. Boy! Those were some kicks i got.Was sleeping on my stomach for 3 whole nights.. grrr.. [ Have mentally made notes.The B’day calendar is getting ready. Hope i get to pay back each of them. Kisika udhar rakhna buri baat hai. 😉 ].Now after being on the receiving end, even Gomz has become a convert and is totally into the ritual.I guess some people are gonna rue their day, all along the year 😀 … hehe.

     So the point is that people are having quite a painful time on the B’days.Add to that the whole lot of parties he has to throw! [ Pangs and Arjun cant agree more, i’m sure 😉 ] I’ve wondered whether its good or bad.But so far have gone with it..hehe! But seriously the celebrations have changed over the years. For me, Birthdays were more conservative at home.The visit to the Temple, Mom cooking lovely food, wishes from friends and occasionally a small party at home.[If i were at home, that is]. At hostel, it was nothing more than some sweets at lunch and prayers in the morning. The kicks started in college along with the treats,but they were not the “Football Kicks”of today. 😀 And the treats were given in groups of 3 or 4. We were always short on money at college… 🙂 .It started with a small pat on the back to a slap and then got upgraded to the football kick with the due run-up! The B’day boy was the centre of attraction, or more appropriately , the target of the attack.Held up in air and kicked from all directions.The people involved vying for the mantle of the Best Kicker[ not of the football , mind you! ]

I must say, it is reallyfun with friends coming together.And since college, the birthdays have been really special for me too.But i suppose, with the idea being to enjoy the day with our buddies,  we can do away with the football kicks.Ok, not totally maybe.But can at least make it enjoyable 🙂 !

P.S– The proposal above doesn’t apply for those whom i’ve got to pay back for the current year ;P ]


3 Responses to “Birthday pangs!”

  1. Yo bro!! Finally got some of those kicks eh!! Hehe, btw parties, hell yeah I remember. If I remember right, I had been giving parties ever since my b’day!! :-P!! ;-)!! But then again, there were occassions and I cannot even remember how many times I was given a party.

    But hey, comon the ass kicking is not all that bad ;-)!! And woohoo – Ari Bro on a rampage. Well, Somebody gonna getta hurtu… Real baaaad hehehe!!

    Btw, I have a post coming up!! Big Huge Rant!! ;-)!!

  2. Arijit said

    😀 Bro, mine wasn’t as bad as what i heard Gomz had to bear.Wrote the post only after that. But i remember the buggers hitting me last time. That was BAD.And yeah, some ppl are gonna have a numb backside in the coming months.. ;P!

    I know dude!! Seriously, after going to so many parties, its pay-nack time for me too i guess. Still have some treats to give!! 🙂

    😉 Waiting for the latest rant from u bro…hehe

  3. Jack ass where the hell are you? How come no more posts from you?

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