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Where the mind is without fear…

Posted by Arijit on December 4, 2006

Where  the mind is without fear and the head is held high..

               Thats the first line of the famous poem by Tagore where he talks of his Motherland.And to think of it today. Its really a sad commentry on the way we have progressed as a nation.The law-makers are the law-breakers. The policemen are a terror. The common people are afraid to speak up.The younger generation dont give a damn on most matters.The very few who have an urge to make a difference a fast brow-beaten into submission. Who will bell the cat! Thats the big question.

          The thoughts suddenly came to me after Sibu Soren and Siddhu were held guilty of murder. Not for the first time are these Netas in the dock. But the worst part is nobody in the last 50 years ever got punished.Going away from the land is the option a lot of people choose to get rid of their frustration.. or maybe they call it chasing their  dreams.I really dont know.Some stay indifferent and leave things to destiny.Why cant we all fight for our dreams here… I just wish we all would not always take the easy way out and keep hoping for  somebody else to clean the rot.. just as we do when we throw our daily garbage out on the roadside and keep it for others to clean.If not, we stay indifferent to it.Its an extremely disgusting habit we have cultivated and unless the habits change, we are gonna remain in the same rut.  We have failed the likes of Tagore… and it really is a shame.


2 Responses to “Where the mind is without fear…”

  1. See, this is yet another thing that we do!! We are complaining about this, how come we ourselves dont take things into our hand and do something about it huh?? Lemme know ;-)!

  2. Arijit said

    🙂 I know… Most of us dont even know where to start.And even if we would want to make a beginning , we would at least have to have a firm financial backup so as to sustain the daily needs. there-in lies the major hurdle!

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