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Left high and dry.. :(

Posted by Arijit on December 11, 2006

Its been more than a week since i have been blocked off from accessing any of my regular websites.And that would be orkut,wordpress, sports news and the like! And i’m hating it.. Grrr…!!! Earlier used to occasionally say hi to  buddies  scattered all over the place.Now cant even login into the messenger! i.e unless the firewall goes kaput.Dunno what made the guys do this suddenly. But damn!! it makes the day so much more boring, especially if you are done with your work and just want to relax for a little while! I cant even login and post anything on my page. 😦 !

Some lucky bums are still having it good though. They escaped the ban and are happily clicking around.Dunno how!


5 Responses to “Left high and dry.. :(”

  1. Hey bro!! Awesome!! Awesome!! Remember the time when we were all firewalled, but Ajja got thru!! I just hope, lightning doesn’t strike twice!! But, why do I feel, he’s got thru the firewall again? :-D!!

  2. Arijit said

    hehe Bro!!.. nah.. hez not so lucky this time around.just has to restart his machine once. he’ll be hit on the face :D!! i have to finally installed syngo. so had no other option. Did a restart and am shut out 😦

  3. *Yikes* You installed Syngo :-P!! I have to get my machine reinstalled thanks to Syngo :-P! Wat else is happening?

  4. What plans for Xmas and New Year buddy boy?

  5. Arijit said

    Oh damn!! WTH! i hope that doesnt happen!Crap! Have been put into a new proj again na.. First tryst with syngo ;P
    😀 X-Mas in Mysore bro! still looking for New year 😉

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