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New year with the old routine…

Posted by Arijit on January 23, 2007

 Its been some time since i could last write something. And that really sucked coz i wasn’t really short on time until recently. The year end was great; with  the gang at Mysore on the pretext of checking out Gom’s XBox but seriously, it had been quite some time since we got together. And of course, i got my chance to take my cam out for some really cool snaps. Those who didnt make it into one of them must really kick themselves(or get somebody to deliver the kick… ;P) . Next week on the New Yr eve was off to WonderLa, which is a pretty decent place to spend the day if you enjoy the topsy turvy rides, which Sujit and Mamu  clearly didnt.. :D! But yeah , that was real fun with the guys.Since it was the New Yr eve, we got to watch the fireworks in the evening too! And of course, since everybody was out at home enjoying their ass off, i was really not in a mood to waste my day on New Yr.Made Manjunath get off his house with his roomies and off to Bannerghata National Park we were.. Not bad really, since you can catch a Volvo right upto the place. 🙂 . Ah, and in other news, we got 2 new roomies, who are straightaway  wondering whether i really belong  to that house of ours. Not their fault.They’ve seen me home only 6-7 days in the entire month.Was mostly meeting ppl and cooking at Baba’s place.I can bet i saw Punnen seriously rubbing his eyes one day morning when he saw me getting outta my room. :D.

Meanwhile , Basanti and Akka flew off to Ooo S of A to take care of grumbling firangs 24*7. Already have news they’re doing night shifts!! Hmm… And guess what, the lady who used to give lectures on how shez averse to any type of cosmetics got herself 110$ of that stuff over there right away. Talk of “Phoren effect”… Shez also got herself a car thats way too big for her size, and plans to upgrade it seems! A “luxury” one, she says! Something wrong with that place. ;P

          Then started the bad part on the New year with ED meetings( “Employee Dialog” , they call it. Don’t ask me what i call it ) and the beginning of serious work at office again.News came that Dad too was detected with having high BP, though i really wonder why!! Anyways, things dont seem all that bright for now. My leave in April looks difficult. Damn!… But yeah buggers!  Wont let all this dampen the mood. It can always get better.( To myself: you better not grumble in the very first post of the year. Leave that to the one guy in Germany… 😉  He’ll do that way better.)


6 Responses to “New year with the old routine…”

  1. harsh said

    nice summary 🙂
    so u leaving in april!! great, lemme know, I’ll pass on my resume too 😀

  2. Arijit said

    damn!! thats the leave i want to go home Harsh.Pass on your resume anyways.. :D!

  3. prestidigitator said

    Yea hehe…I was a bit shocked to see you.

    You summed up so many things in one post…amazing! 🙂

  4. Oye!! Finally… My bro [and others Papa] is back. That does rightly make me their Uncle rite? Anyhoo, wwwwwwaaaaaaaaaaaaazzzzzzzzzzaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! Buddy, what the hell? You not being the house? These guys are still not used to it kya? The standalone figure in the house is Rajiv, and him lying down on his bed and watching TV. Nothing else is constant in the house :-P!

    And what’s up with this huh??

    To myself: you better not grumble in the very first post of the year. Leave that to the one guy in Germany… 😉 He’ll do that way better.


    Jackass wait till I come back :-P! Btw, just as a reminder, you owe me bday treats of 2 years now k!! 2 whole years.. Tu paapi hai re, paapi hai!!!

    And yup, get back to posting. Get net @ home, and buy a laptop!! or a comp!! =D!!

  5. prestidigitator said

    Rajeev watches tv??? i thought he just lies down all the time!

  6. Arijit said

    @P.S : hehe.. dude! but i do plan to bug u a lot more. So expect me in the house. 😉 . Well, i really didnt have the time and patience to write multiple blogs. So just had to go with it.Came off well :D.

    You’ll see rajiv watching TV if the remote is handed to him IN his room. he wont take the trouble to get up and get it by himself.. hehe

    @Pangs: wazzzaaaa Bro! got ur net access again, cool!
    Well, the kids around the house used to call u uncle anyways.. :D!! So it hasnt really changed anything much. ;P

    🙂 dude.. was just meeting ppl at Baba’s place. Catching up. So they saw me lot less for some days. And then again i got work at office.So it just happened that i was outta the house.

    hehe.. jackass! am waiting for u to comeback. U dont have a life there anyways.. ;P So am not totally off the mark.All you can say now is to wait till ya come back!! that speaks for itself.Hmm.. by the time u get back, even i’ll have a B’day treat pending.. muahhaaaa!!

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