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Finally a Tabla Concert?

Posted by Arijit on January 24, 2007

    Thats the reaction people have been throwing at me. All because I had been to a concert by none other than Zakir Hussain.And it was the first one i went for  since i came to B’lore(if you discount a Jazz concert i attended with a free pass). Well firstly, i would be any day be  more interested in a classical instrumental event than say a Shaan/Himesh/Sonu/Rock etc etc thing. Doesnt mean i wont  like going to any of these(err.. okay.Except maybe a Rock thing.. :D) . Just an order of preference.I understand Tabla somewhat and  enjoy playing/listening to the same ,though i must admit, i havent had a Tabla anywhere near myself since college. Thanks to Navin, i got to know about this charity concert by Zakir and was only too happy to rush off. It cost me 500 bucks, but i guess once in a while i can indulge myself. 🙂 . Boy, you should have seen people rolling their eyes when i asked them if they would care to join! Well if you ask me , we should at least be proud that in many ways  Indian Classical music has crossed more boundaries than any of the popular singer/musicians can ever claim(ok.. maybe A.R.Rehman) . Its appreciated much more than any of us really comprehend. As it was, 30% of the crowd at the concert were Firangis and considering their population in B’lore relatively , it was more than i would have believed. The problem is , most of us believe its boring unless you understand it. To an extent it might be true,especially vocal music.Its not the partying kind of music but a soothing one. But considering just the instrumentals, if you relax and just sit with an open mind, trying to enjoy the rythm even if you dont understand the intricacies, i think most of us would like it. After all, rythm is something we can latch onto in any kind of music.

 Btw, they auctioned a jacket at the concert that was apparently worn by Shahrukh Khan in the movie Chalte-Chalte. Bidding started from Rs5. It finally went for 1.25 Lacs!! Holy MOG!


4 Responses to “Finally a Tabla Concert?”

  1. Hehehe, Dude, I know I would have been forced to sit through this had I been @ Bangalore :D!! Lucky me?? :P!! Btw, what’s up with you and NOT appreciating Rock music? Huh Huh huh?? Jackass.. :P!

    Btw, you are back to posting kya?

  2. Arijit said

    🙂 hehe.. well, u might have enjoyed it for all you know!! and then all that rock/heavy metal wouldn’t count for anythng.. :D!Ah..On Rock music. maybe i dont like people shouting so much.Why do they have to cry hoarse in front of the mike… ;P

    what u mean i’n back to posting.. when did i stop. ;P .

  3. prestidigitator said

    Waitaminit! Soothing music? Isn’t that the kind that puts you to sleep? 🙂

  4. Arijit said

    No way!! its the kind that makes u feel good after a tiring week!

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