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Domination of outer space!

Posted by Arijit on January 25, 2007

      Now comes the news that China tested a missile to blow man-made satellites out of their orbit! And the US testing high energy lazers to achieve the same from the ground-station. I bet Russia will be coming out with their own version soon.Where are we going to end up? Maybe we’ll create a total mess out here and then fly off to complete wars in space..huh! or maybe they’ll go fight in Mars. We’ll be much better off doing it the old-fashioned way. Let them challenge each other for a duel. And then for the venue, decide on Pluto! Farther they go, better. As it is , ordinary men vested with the power of making wild decisions on flimsy pretexts are the most dangerous.

Btw, there is the Annual aero-show in B’lore on 7-11 Feb. Planning to go for it over that weekend. They’ll have both static and Flying displays of variety of aircrafts. I guess it’ll be fun to watch.. 🙂


3 Responses to “Domination of outer space!”

  1. Yo jackass!! Yup, if you want passes, talk to my dad k! His company is having a booth there. Talk to him and see if you can grab some passes for the same :)!

  2. Btw, passes for the Air Show =D!!

  3. Arijit said

    😀 hey Bro.. will do that today. was late yest. will give aunty a call.

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