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Week after the Cup defeat..

Posted by Arijit on March 26, 2007

People are pissed off majorly. Its been more than 3 days. The discussions still going on. A couple of my friends from Kolkata went to temple to pray for the players to get punished… They didn’t tell me what punishment they would want. Nobody knows what exactly to do. But everyone seems to agree that somebody should pay. Who are at fault? The coach? Lets leave poor Greg alone. After all, what does he do if players with experience of more than 300 matches come up with such a shameful display.Players? To some extent yes. They are considered professionals with huge experience.. If they lose to Bangladesh, then of course they deserve to get kicked on their backside in public. But more than that maybe its us who are to blame; We, who put these morons on such high pedestals and then get so disappointed in every other tournament. Still, we don’t learn, do we?  Its a cycle that will go on. Then why do we behave this way after every major defeat? We’ll be back singing their tunes again in no time. So, better i stop bothering about how people are behaving right now after the defeat.

My Boss at work has vowed never to leave office early again to watch a match. He was hopping mad after the loss.I dare the players to come meet him.. ;P .  The worst part is the news from the Mumbai Income tax commissioner the other day on TV that some business houses in collusion werein a long way responsible in deciding who all should be part of the team. Seems, there are lots of things that happen behind the scenes that we wouldn’t even be aware of in normal situations. Its a sad commentary on the way things have always been let to happen around us. We have only ourselves to blame.


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