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Hopes in faraway land…

Posted by Arijit on April 18, 2007

Read the tragic news of the Indian student Minal Panchal being shot dead in the Virginia Tech shootout yesterday. She was just 26 years old. A first year student. Just thinking about the family coping with the sudden collossal loss. It will probably take them days to just get there to attend to her last rites.

Just makes me think of the huge number of people who leave their homes in the hope of making it worthwhile in life. Its not easy for them to leave their loved ones and go off to an entirely unknown territory.Just carrying their hopes of making it big. And when something extremely unfortunate like this happens, it does make us wonder about it all. Not just students, there are a whole lot of people who go off long distances to make a career. This is surely not the way it should end.


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