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Ah.. Dont mind.. ;)

Posted by Arijit on April 24, 2007

Here’s an old classic limerick for you:

There was this lady from Madras,
Who had a really beautiful ass,
It was not round and pink,
As you might think,

It was grey, had long ears, and ate grass! 

Aye, you’ve got a dirty mind, jackass. 😉

12 Responses to “Ah.. Dont mind.. ;)”

  1. Bro, don’t think it’s such a classic =P! What happened to your sense of humor? =P!

    There was this bro of mine
    Who hardly ever used to whine
    Neither did he ever drink wine
    And daily made it shine
    No, not that u dirty swine,
    His shoe, he turned it black and sometimes even mine =P!

    Getting ready for office. See ya from there bro!! ;-)!

  2. Arijit said

    hehe.. =D! awesome bro.. :)! but u see, i am just starting out.. yet to start getting lines in the loo.. ;P!

  3. prestidigitator said

    “There was this bro of mine
    Who hardly ever used to whine
    Neither did he ever drink wine

    If that’s about Arijit, I beg to differ! He had beeeeeer!! 🙂

    @Arijit Bored at work eh? I just called up the Sify guy and said some nice things to him…

    Hope to get online at least tonight…

  4. Hehe, I know, but he claims that he doesn’t drink. I mean he has shots of whiskey, neat, clean whatever, and consumes beer, on us begging, but he doesn’t drink alcohol =P!

  5. prestidigitator said

    I guess as long as he doesn’t have alcohol it’s alright…:-)

  6. arijit said

    @PS : ;P.. if you notice Pangs mentioned all that in past tense.. =D!!
    Not that i still qualify as a boozer.. :D! Ah.. finally the Sify guy
    acknowledges your existence.. huh!! Either he might have been too drunk
    or you called from office number to fool him into it… ;P… =D!

    @Pangs: Those shots of whiskey were taken when i was dared into it.. =D!!.. hehe.

  7. prestidigitator said

    @Arijit I called him from my office. Also, I asked them for a 7 day refund or extended validity…they agreed. Muhahahahaha

  8. @ PS: All that’s just Arijit trying to justify himself k! And he wasn’t dared on to the whiskey shots. There were other things dared on to him, but NOT the whiskey shots that I have in my mind =P!

    @ Ari bro: waaaaaaaaaaazzzzzzzzzzzzzzaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!! And good point, all those were in past tense. My sub conscience, kinda comes out clean =P!

  9. arijit said

    :D!! hehehe. i can imagine you taking out all ur suppressed emotions out on that bugger.. =D!.. not bad at all!!

  10. arijit said

    @Pangs : ;P.. yeah rite !! as if u remember much after ur booze anyways..
    Btw, rite now beer has been allowed inside the house.. :D! hehehe..

  11. Whoa, how come? =P! But comon that takes away the fun of having alcohol in the terrace =P! Laziness wins over awesome fun =P!

    And I remember this much – no matter what, I lie down on my bed and I know my bro will take care of me like a guardian angel … ;-)!

  12. arijit said

    :D!! well, the ban on non-veg went off.. and the terrace is not what it was before.. U might find dogs lazying over there occassionaly… ;P! though the owner has put gates and all recently.. So, people have just brought in beer so far.. =D!

    =D! Bro, as long as you didnt puke it wasnt a problem at all. Thankfully, it never came to that in the house.. =P!!

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