Gyaan Paapi….

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Posted by Arijit on July 14, 2007

It was almost 7 in the evening.  She could hear the kids creating a ruckus next door. The noise was irritating her. She was nervous. The wait was getting unbearable. She had to calm herself, she thought. This was no time to get nervous and have goose bums. After all, it was how she wanted it to be. The decision was made. Death was the only option. She had been troubled for far too long.It was time to get it done with. She could see the opening right in front of her. The timing was always around 7 . Dhe had been noticing it for a while now. And hence the wait. With the bat in her hand she waited.

The freakin rat had to die today. Dammit.. !!


5 Responses to “Timepaas..”

  1. prestidigitator said

    I’m reminded of the sleepless nights Rajiv and me spent trying to rid our place of that blasted rat/mouse!

  2. Arijit said

    :D… hehehe.. , I doubt Rajiv had that many sleepless nights. you were the ine running after the blasted rodents.. ;P

  3. Bhav said

    Good one Arijit

    Main bhi aisa kuchh likhne ko soch raha hu but … nothing is coming up in my mind

  4. Osho said

    Hey Ari bro

    Gud one!So wazzz happening?

  5. Hi!nThanks for the kind comment in my O-scale “newbee” blog.nI have read your site and blog “now and then”. And followed the devolopment of this charming narrow guage engine. Come on

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