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Rich Man , Poor Man… ;P

Posted by Arijit on April 23, 2007

Excerpts from a recent newsreport:

 “Mumbai beggars worth Rs 180 crore  Press Trust Of  India

    Posted Thursday , July 20, 2006 at 11:39

Mumbai: Beggars in Mumbai earn Rs 180 crore a year, the state legislative council was informed on Wednesday.Stating this in the House, Minister of State for Social Justice Dharmaraobaba Atram said amendments will be made in existing rules to curb beggars’ activities in the city.Vilas Awchat of Shiv Sena,Pic, who raised the issue through a short discussion, said according to the provisions of legislation enacted in 1959 to curb begging, those who sought relief for people affected by disasters could also be prosecuted.

Once this flaw was realised, necessary amendments were made, he said.The number of beggars in Mumbai, which was 20,000 in 1963, rose to three lakh in 2004, he said.

I have read of isolated cases even earlier. But these kind of figures really are an eye-opener. And these are just Government figures mind you. And that too only for the city of Mumbai. It is sad that even giving alms to the poor has been made into an organised form of fooling people. There maybe lots of needy families out there on the streets. But after knowing this, we will definitely think thrice before helping them in any manner. For all we know, the so-called beggar can buy-off a new gizmo for himself before you can even hope for it.. ;P !!


2 Responses to “Rich Man , Poor Man… ;P”

  1. While that sounds like a huge number, if you even merely divide the total amount earned, 180,00,00,000 INR by the total number of beggars [just from 2004 according to you bro] – 3,00,000 – the total amount earned per beggar is just 6000 INR per year! PER YEAR!

    Don’t think that’s enough to buy a gizmo bro =D! Furthermore, don’t think that still makes up for a decent life. Definitely not bad tho =P!

  2. Arijit said

    Well, on that point of figures alone, agreed.. =D.
    But i still believe it is increasingly getting organised and that is one of the reasons for the huge increase in numbers. Otherwise, despite the goverment claims of reduction in the number of people below the poverty line , how can we explain this..

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