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I told ya..

Posted by Arijit on November 3, 2006

Its been a Mad Mad week as i suspected.Reached home at 10/11 every single day except thankfully on Wed, just coz it was a Holiday!! Just came to me that i’ve been so caught up with things that even my visits to the Loo were really really few! :D! As of now, the days are gonna be the same for the next 3 weeks 😦 Hope i can find time to visit the loo more often ( ;P .. just to escape from my seat with a valid excuse) and also say hi to you buggers once in a while.. πŸ™‚


4 Responses to “I told ya..”

  1. Hehehe… so wats new bro?? :-P!! U naa – warned u the first time u started being late in office!! Pachthaoge bola thaa na maine :)!

  2. - sId - said

    hehe … hey u would have got used to not visiting the loo often na .. as it musta constantly been occupied by U KNOW WHO πŸ˜‰ !

  3. @ Sid: Well does ur company only have one loo for its whole set of employees? I don’t think so! Same’s the case even with Arijit’s company!! Furthermore, I am rite now in Germany, so haan – ;-)! – the loo isn’t occupied :P!!

  4. Arijit said

    :D!! but i guess he was talking abt the one at home Bro… ;P! hehe.. anyways,i got a new bottle of water alongside at the desk.:D. So i should be gettin off thee seat a bit more..

    otherwise,until i finish off this thing my options are otherwise very limited.Will try to run off early!

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